Taking Pride in Delivering Quality, Comprehensive Fulfillment Services

Assembly Services

At Shares we are willing and able to take on a wide array of assembly jobs. From furniture to mechanical assemblies, we take pride in our speed, flexibility, and above all quality.

Here are some of the great benefits that Shares assembly solutions provide.

  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Convert fixed costs into variable costs
  • Improve focus on core competencies
  • Enhance production flexibility
  • Gain the ability to scale as volumes increase or decline
  • Eliminate a function that is time-consuming or costly to manage
  • Free internal resources for other uses
  • Provide increased capacity and growth
  • Realize space savings and capital expense savings in bricks and mortar
  • Compress supply chain
  • Reduce inventory cycles
  • Consolidate operations
  • Achieve "just-in-time" deliveries
  • Accelerate "time-to-market."

Learn more about our packaging services.

For more information on our assembly and kitting services, contact Shares, Inc. at 317-398-8218.

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