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Child DNA Kits

Children are the future and police sanctioned DNA kits are a great way to keep them safe along the way. Starting at $0.60/kit, we provide you with everything parents need to orally collect a DNA sample. This is a simple way to keep the sample handy in case there is ever a need to turn it over to the police. The ordering process is streamlined for fast and efficient 10-day turnarounds. These kits are manufactured and assembled by on-site Shares, Inc. employees.

Child DNA kits are available to businesses, not-for-profits groups, civic organizations and schools. You may partner with your state police or local police agencies. Organizations that underwrite the expense may have their logo(s) printed on the kits. DNA kits aren't just for children either. Senior Care Agencies may be inclined to provide these kits to older children who provide care for their parents. Please contact us if you would like to request a sample DNA kit.

Each customized DNA kit includes your logo(s) and is packaged with:

  • Instructions
  • Sterile Cotton Swab
  • Storage Envelope

Great for:

  • Health & Safety Fairs
  • Partnering with Schools
  • Marketing
  • Political Campaigns


For years, the Indiana State Police have helped parents prepare for their worst nightmare - a missing or abducted child. Fingerprints have long been recorded on cards for safekeeping. But now, using the latest technology, it is preferable to collect a DNA sample by simply swabbing the inside of the child's mouth. Each sample is stored at home in the freezer or a cool dry place.

Shares, Inc. became the sole provider of Indiana State Police sanctioned DNA collection kits, and now provides kits to many other agencies across the U.S. Shares, Inc. has distributed more than 300,000 child DNA kits nationwide.

Contact us to place an order for your child safety DNA kits.

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