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Parts Finishing Services

Detailed Workmanship

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Shares Finishing Services is the metal finishing, assembly, and inspection division of Shares, Inc. which is a non-profit agency that has been providing value added services to Midwestern businesses since 1976. We provide industry leading surface finishing services and other assorted value added services to forgings, castings, machined parts, and a variety of other parts and products. We are capable of performing finishing services to metal die cast parts not only for automotive use but also for lawn tractor, household, manufacturing, and virtually any other product that needs finishing work to produce a quality component for your business.


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Shares Finishing Services has earned ISO9001:2008 certification providing evidence of our commitment to providing excellent quality control services. Shares Finishing Services also has a great track record of providing visual inspection for non-conforming product for our customers.

Shares Finishing Services will fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and employees by continually improving our products, our processes, and our resources.

Our Finishing Services

Finishing Services

With a streamlined production process and lean production principals, we maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Our flexible and experienced workforce allows us to produce high quality results on various parts at any volume level. Our centrally located facility minimizes transit costs while expediting delivery dates.

In addition to these finishing services we also provide:

For more information on our finishing services contact Dustin M. Case at 317-421-3188 or by emailing dcase@sharesinc.org.

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