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Die Grinding

Grinding can help with removing flash or metal burrs left over from a casting processes or smoothing rough or sharp edges after a part is machined. Our experienced Production Operators ensure that parts are finished according to customer specifications taking care to ensure that your part measurements still meet acceptable variance levels when the grinding finishing process is completed.

Grinding is a large and diverse area of manufacturing and tool making or die making. It can produce very fine finishes and very accurate dimensions; yet in mass production contexts it can also rough out large volumes of metal quite rapidly.

For more information on our grinding services, contact Dustin M. Case at 317-421-3188 or by emailing dcase@sharesinc.org.


ABS Eagle

Shares Finishing Services has earned ISO9001:2008 certification providing evidence of our commitment to providing excellent quality control services. Shares Finishing Services also has a great track record of providing visual inspection for non-conforming product for our customers.

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