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3rd Party Testing or Inspection

Leak Testing

Our commitment to quality and experience in many different kinds of parts inspection and testing jobs allows us to meet any needs you may have for 100% parts inspection or testing of various parts and assemblies.

Inspection and testing are the operational parts of quality control, which is the most important factor to the survival of any manufacturing company. These aspects of quality control are time consuming however and that is where we can help to ensure your customers' expectations are met.

Inspection and testing can be performed before or after manufacturing to ensure that the quality level of the product is within acceptable design standards while your company continues to focus on production and meeting orders.

Along with other testing/inspection services we currently provide Air Decay Leak Testing services for our customers where parts are sealed on to a fixture. After the sealed part is pressurized, the pressure is then electronically monitored to detect any drop in pressure that would indicate a leak in the part.

Pressure and vacuum decay leak testing are the most common leak test methods. Contact us for more information if you are interested in leak testing services. (Leak testers and leak test part molds would be the responsibility of customer in most cases).


Why Shares Finishing Services Per Part Billing Is More Beneficial

Shares Finishing Services part sorting is quoted per part inspected which helps benefit your company and keep your costs down compared to other 3rd party inspection companies.

Many 3rd party inspection companies bill per hour, resulting in higher costs per inspection project.

Billing Example

Based on a minimum quantity goal of 100 parts inspected per shift and a maximum goal of 300 parts per shift.

The difference adds up when you look at how you are billed for your goal rate of inspected parts. Let's say Shares Finishing Services quotes your job based on a price per part such as $0.60, versus a 3rd party company which may bill $25 per hour for that same amount of parts inspected that would include $10 per hour per inspector and $15 per hour per supervisor for 100 parts per shift. Frequently, these companies will add additional inspectors to get more parts per shift completed (based on our example of minimum and maximum goals). The price per hour goes up with each additional inspector to achieve those additional 200 parts per shift. So your final billing price could equal anywhere between $50-$75 per hour on average.

Based on this billing structure, a customer price for 100 parts inspected per shift billed at $25/hr. like most 3rd party companies do could equal up to $600.

To do the same amount of parts at Shares Finishing Services, a customer's final price for 3 shifts of work at a minimum of 100 parts inspected per shift equals $180.

A customer price for the additional 200 parts per shift, due to the increased man hours needed, could equal up to $1,800.

At Shares Finishing Services, a customer price for 3 shifts of inspection work at the additional 200 parts per shift would equal $540.

For more information on our 3rd party testing and inspection, contact Dustin M. Case at 317-421-3188 or by emailing dcase@sharesinc.org.


ABS Eagle

Shares Finishing Services has earned ISO9001:2008 certification providing evidence of our commitment to providing excellent quality control services. Shares Finishing Services also has a great track record of providing visual inspection for non-conforming product for our customers.

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