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Program Development

Program Development Staff provide assistance and support to the participants in realizing goals and outcomes they have set for themselves. It is a consistent and on-going approach geared to the individual's particular desires and wishes. The process involved include Person-Centered Planning, Goal-setting, and Goal-oriented training.

Person-Centered Planning

Plans are established in a team setting. The individual attending Shares is involved completely in setting goals and outcomes. In this setting, plans are made that will increase the independence of each individual, using the team as a sounding board and point of recommendation for what is available for them to pursue.

Goal-Setting/Outcomes and Strategies

Outcomes and strategies are developed with the team as a guide. When an individual states their desired outcome, the team will assist in developing the strategies for that person to reach their outcome. Outcomes may also be developed that address behavioral issues, which are hindering success in the individuals independence.

Goal-Oriented Training

As goals are set, in individual will be introduced to their work, class or behavior training as indicated in the Person Centered Plan. Staff are trained on each individuals plan, and along w/ the Program Manager will work on training each individual at their speed, using their best learning method. Daily progress is kept for the individual in all areas.

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