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Kitting & Sorting


Employees will combine individual parts to complete a kit. Shares, Inc. frequently kits parts for automotive, printing & publishing and manufacturing companies.

Some of the benefits of using our kitting services include:

  • Content Accuracy - We strive for 100% accuracy with every job step
  • Inventory Reduction- We can stock the inventory for "Just-in-Time" releases
  • Simplified Purchasing - Let us purchase and warehouse your materials
  • Responsiveness to deadlines
  • Competitive pricing through effective management
  • Impeccable quality control
  • Broad range of packaging capabilities
  • Flexible to changing market conditions
  • One Stop Shop for all your packaging, fulfillment, and distribution needs

Kitting Services

  • Bagging
  • Materials
  • Shrink
  • Wrapping
  • Collating
  • Boxing
  • and more!

Kitting Examples

  • Lunch Kits - Plates, Cups, Napkins & Silverware
  • Automotive Parts
  • Music CDs and Cases
  • Furniture Parts
  • Multiple Item eCommerce orders


Shares, Inc.'s sorting abilities provide a valuable resource to customers. Customers are able to reduce their costs by outsourcing to a low cost service provider and reusing old parts. Shares, Inc. will typically receive a bulk load of a product which they will then sort into various types of materials or other sort specifications. For example, a barrel of plugs may need to be sorted by size, or a single plug may need to be separated into its multiple parts.

Some of the benefits of using our sorting services include:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Classifying

For more information on our kitting and sorting services, contact Shares, Inc. at 317-398-8218.

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