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Wire Harness Assembly

Shares Finishing Services now has the capability to assemble wire harness kits. We will source your materials or use the materials you send us to assemble various wire harness assemblies to meet your needs. We currently assemble wire harness kits for automotive use but would be happy to quote any type of mass assembly wire harnesses you need. Our low costs and attention to detail will ensure that we can get your harness done right and save you money on your current project requiring the use of a harness assembly regardless of its application.

For more information on our wire harness assembly capabilities, contact Dustin M. Case at 317-421-3188 or by emailing dcase@sharesinc.org.


ABS Eagle

Shares Finishing Services has earned ISO9001:2008 certification providing evidence of our commitment to providing excellent quality control services. Shares Finishing Services also has a great track record of providing visual inspection for non-conforming product for our customers.

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