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Organizational Employment Services

The Organizational Employment Services (OES) provide employment opportunities to those individuals who desire to gain more work experience and learn job skills to become productive and successful workers. The program provides knowledge of various job operations, teaches safety in workplace, offers opportunity to improve work skills, instills self-confidence and encourages efforts to maximize earnings. Participants engage in jobs requiring light assembly, packaging, inspection, collating, shipping and receiving functions for numerous companies that use Shares, Inc. as a vendor.

Pre-Vocational Skills Training

The Industry program at Shares, Inc. gives participants a chance to gain valuable work experience along with developing a wide variety of job skills. Some of the job skills worked on includes maintaining a good attendance record, speed and accuracy, following directions, and learning new tasks.

Paid Employment and Benefits

The programs of Shares, Inc. have to follow the rules of the U. S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division. The Wage and Hour Regulations require that participants be paid the same base rate as someone else would be in the community doing the same job and that you be paid based on how productive you are. Many jobs are paid on a piece rate basis. All jobs are time studied, evaluated, and set up by the Sales Personnel. Each job is then re-evaluated annually. All jobs start with a rate that is the same as Federal minimum wage or higher. Each job is timed by watching how long it takes to complete a job step. Then a rate is set up per piece for each job step. Participants can earn the full rate assigned to the job if they work at a 100% rate during a 50-minute hour. Besides job earnings, Shares, Inc. offers paid vacation, sick, and holiday time. Depending on the amount of hours worked (full or part time employee) will determine the amount of paid benefits a participant will receive. During the intake process, a handbook that further details the paid benefits of being a Shares, Inc. employee.

Job Safety and Environmental Awareness Training

Safety is an important concern for everyone at Shares, Inc. We must meet the various national, state, and local safety rules for work areas. Therefore, it is important to follow our guidelines. “Safety first” is the rule to be followed at all times. All participants are expected to participate in monthly safety meetings and drills. Some safety drills may include: fire, tornado, code red, earthquake, and gas leak. Health topic examples include: Proper Lifting Techniques, Seizures, Hygiene, or Warehouse Safety.

Job Adaptations and Assistive Technology

Staff at Shares, Inc. is focused on maximizing each individual's potential and independence in the work place. Job adaptations are matched to the individual and to the task at hand. Assistive technology, such as, magnifiers, visual aids, controls and switches are used to increase, maintain or improve the functional abilities of an individual while working. Shares, Inc. is committed to helping our participants overcome their barriers and achieve their goals as they become successful and productive workers.

For more information on Organizational Employment Services, please call 317-398-8218.

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