Shares, Inc. maintains the philosophy that all people with disabilities are entitled to the same opportunities in society as anyone else. The following programs and opportunities are available at Shares, Inc. to enable individuals with disabilities to live a productive and meaningful life and to enhance their successful inclusion in the community.

Shares, Inc. Vocational Services provides a work setting that emphasizes productivity and/or work skills improvement in conjunction with personal and social skills training. Vocational programming offers opportunities to gain knowledge of various types of job operations, instills self-confidence through successful completion of job tasks and receipt of a paycheck. Opportunities afford employees with disabilities to work toward community employment, to learn safety in the workplace, to improve work skills utilizing jigs and fixtures. Vocational programming encourages them to maximize their earnings.

Vocational Services

Our ability to work and participate in the workforce of our society is the greatest measurement of our self-worth and self-esteem. Shares, Inc. vocational services strive to prepare individuals with disabilities to achieve independence by attaining gainful employment.