The Organizational Employment Services (OES) Programs provide employment opportunities to individuals with intellectual disabilities who desire to gain more work experience and learn job skills to become productive and successful workers. The program provides knowledge of various job operations, teaches safety in the workplace, offers opportunity to improve work skills, instills self-confidence, and encourages efforts to maximize earnings. Participants engage in jobs requiring light assembly, packaging, inspection, collating, shipping, and receiving functions for numerous companies that use Shares, Inc. as a vendor.

Pre-Vocational Skills Training

The Industry program at Shares, Inc. gives participants a chance to gain valuable work experience along with developing a wide variety of job skills. Some of the job skills worked on include maintaining a good attendance record, speed and accuracy, following directions, and learning new tasks.

VIP Program

The VIP program, short for Vocationally Intensive Programming, was designed to focus on providing intensive training and activities for our participants and to provide work that coincides with differing abilities. To accomplish this, we incorporate a variety of techniques and strategies so that each participant learns according to their learning style. The program is always looking for ways to sharpen our programming needs and develop custom individualized plans for our participants.

For more information on Organizational Employment Services, please call Allison Isley (877) 398-8218 ext. 311.