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Our Divisions

Hegel Industries
Corporate Office

1611 South Miller Street
Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
Phone: 877-398-8218
Fax: 317-398-7838
Email: [email protected]

Hancock County
Brandywine Industries

645 South State Street
Greenfield, Indiana 46140
Phone: 317-462-4824
Fax: 317-462-1535
Email: [email protected]

Rush County
McGraw Industries

521 Conrad Harcourt Way
Rushville, Indiana 46173
Phone: 765-938-5321
Fax: 765-932-4131
Email: [email protected]

Shares Shredding & Recycling

832 Elston Drive
Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
Phone: 317-398-8497
Fax: 317-398-4776
Email: [email protected]